Tenant Q&A

Tenant Q&A

With many terms, jargon and legal requirements the world of renting and leasing can be a scary prospect. Here at My Place Properties we try to make the whole process as simple as possible for you. We get asked a lot of questions about renting. Here are a few of the most common ones… If however you have another question please get in touch.

Do I need a tenancy agreement?
Yes. When you move into a property you do need documentation to prove that you are legally entitled to dwell in that property- this will protect you from any issues that may arise
Are there any additional charges to me?

Yes. But only in certain circumstances. They are listed below:

  • Replacement tenancy agreement – £15
  • Replacement keys during working hours (Monday 9am to 4.30pm) – £15
  • Replacement keys out of working hours inc bank holidays – £25
Do I need a deposit?

Generally speaking yes. Although, some landlords are flexible.

Our approach is to look at where you want to live, what finance you have available and negotiate with the landlord. There are sometimes different means of gaining a deposit through help from the Local Authority should you have a duty from them.

Are pets an issue?

Many landlords will not accept pets and it can be difficult. We would look for a reference from a previous landlord or in some cases we would require an extra deposit for a pet… again this is negotiable.

What if I can’t pay my rent?

The best thing to do is to contact your landlord immediately and open the pathway to negotiation. If your circumstances change in terms of income you can contact your local Housing Benefit team and make an appointment to see someone at your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau. Getting advice is the first step forward.

What do I do if I am asked to leave my property?

Firstly you will need a written notice giving you a clear 2 month period in which to leave- your landlord may serve you with a Section 21 Notice to Quit and he does not have to give a reason for serving this notice.

Your landlord cannot generally ask you leave with the initial 6 month term of your contract.

You will need to approach your local homeless officer at your nearest Local Authority who will then act upon this notice when there is 28 days or less left to leave the property and they will look at different housing options for you.

How can I find property to rent?

You can check with Local Agents, the local authority have a housing list which you can register for, friends, family, newspapers, social media.

How do i know if I have found the right property?

When you first see a property and like it, it is very easy to get swept away by the looks and location. You need to sit down and look at all aspects of the rental:

  • is it in the right location?
  • is it the right size?
  • can I afford it?

If you are claiming housing benefit then you must calculate how much allowance you will get and how much you may need to top up out of your own income- you can use an online calculator on the council’s website to see what you are entitled to- do not set yourself up to fail.

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