Tenant Rescue

Tenancy Rescue Package

Consultancy work tailor made to the tenancy

My Place Properties will offer a trouble shooting service to landlords who are not under management obligation.

Should the tenant owe 8 weeks or more in rent/ or there is a dispute that is endangering the tenancy My Place Properties will intervene and mediate in order to save a tenancy and ensure that the issues are resolved for both landlord and tenant.

My Place Properties will charge the landlord a one off fee of £325.00 followed by 10% of monthly rent amount until resolution 

Common Issues

  1. Rent arrears
  2. Eviction notices
  3. Health and Safety issues – tenants may not allow repairs to be done
  4. Housing Benefit delay
  5. Creating repayment plans regarding rent
  6. Deposit issues
  7. Explaining rights and responsibilities to both parties

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