Calling all Landlords

Working with a Letting Agency could save landlords money!

Landlords It may come as a surprise to learn that working with a Letting agent could save you money!

“Landlords who use letting agents find them very useful – especially before a letting – and state they help to reduce stress, free up time and critically, save them money” David Hadden, Head of Property, Endsleigh

There are over 140 Government statutes and regulations that relate to letting out a property. My Place Property will endeavor to support all our landlords with regards to the latest legislation and ever-changing regulatory landscape – to ensure you stay on the right side of the law.

Although non-compliance is already significant, come April 2017 with the implementation of the Housing and Planning Act, local authorities will be able to fine Non-compliant landlords up to £30,000!

As a letting agent – My Place Properties offer multiple services to our Prospective and current landlords. We can help you save money by avoiding the dreaded void period by letting your property efficiently thus giving you peace of mind.

Under our full property management package – we would assist with the maintenance of your rental property, which would result in the tenant staying longer and ensure that all repairs are dealt with efficiently to reduce the risk of further damage to your property.

“Prevention” is always less expensive than cure when it comes to property “investment”

Research by insurance firm Endsleigh suggests that a letting agent can typically save a landlord an estimated £1,910 per year!

Landlords – If you think you can save money by not using agents, think again. Comparative analysis of the rental income and void periods for those landlords with, and those without, agents suggested that in fact agents saved their clients an average of almost £2,000 each.

Landlords who use an agent; 50% were most attracted because of their local knowledge, and more than two in five claim that excellent service is a deciding factor.

Some 41% feel the main benefit of working with an agent is that it provides peace of mind, and 25% say they communicate with their letting agent on a weekly basis.

We offer 4 different levels of service to suit all landlords, and we are more than happy to talk prospective landlords through them, to find out which level of service if right for you. We aim to build long term relationships with all our landlords and support them through the entire process.

Find out more about the different levels of service we offer >>> here.